Anna Victoria on Her Postpartum Fitness Journey

Anna Victoria

This fitness influencer gives a real, raw glimpse into the world of fitness after having a child.

Anna Victoria has over 1.1 million Instagram followers . She is a successful fitness professional and has just had a baby. She is a popular “superhero” mom who women all over the country turn to for inspiration, advice and support.

Anna Victoria

You don’t always see all the difficulties and tribulations before you reach the final result. Victoria started her fitness journey in her 20s after she suffered from digestive problems that landed Victoria in the ER.

Victoria says, “I was told to take medication for pain and other symptoms. But I knew there had got to be a better way.” “So I started learning fuel for my body.”

Victoria was fed a fast food diet throughout high school and college. The strength training was next after she had started to eat right.

She says that while the physical results she was seeing were amazing, it was not what I was looking forward to. “It was the changes in my health, energy, and sleep that made this a lifestyle.”

Behind the Instagram Lens

Victoria is an Instagram celebrity. You can scroll through her social media and find plenty of athleticism, strong figures, and remarkable fitness feats if you click “follow”.

However, she wants to stress that it took a lot of trial-and-error before she finally adopted the lifestyle that has earned her a strong following.

Victoria says, “In the beginning I tried to do all I could to keep my old habits (fast food) and improve my health while still trying to improve my health.” “… It didn’t work.

It took six months to do the minimum before I was able to commit fully.

Victoria says that since then there have been many seasons in my life, including IVF, infertility and pregnancy. Victoria also explains how she has had to re-figure her life to balance all the other demands of life. It has not been a straight-forward journey.

Baby Aurora

Victoria and Luca, her husband, decided to try IVF to get pregnant. However, nothing was certain. It was a great blessing to find out that they had a baby. After celebrating and rejoicing, Victoria began to prepare for pregnancy. She was curious about what it would mean to her body.

She says, “I knew from the beginning that I would play it by ear.” “How can I prepare for such an important life-altering event when I’ve never been through it before?

The first time mom found pregnancy more challenging than she had imagined. Pregnancy was complicated by hormones, breastfeeding and pelvic floor recovery.

Victoria says, “I took each day as they came.” “But I didn’t want to guilt myself, or pressure myself to live in any other moment than the present.”

Anna Victoria

Although some might think Victoria is perfect and idyllic, the birth of her daughter was anything but. After 15 hours of labor, three more hours of pushing, and finally an unplanned C-section, she was exhausted.

She says, “I learned later that a c-section can be a painful, difficult and lengthy journey.” “So, my postpartum plan to get back to work looked very different to what I had imagined.”

A Flexible Postpartum Plan

Victoria started pelvic floor physical therapy six weeks after she was cleared. From six weeks to 10 weeks after her delivery, Victoria worked with a physical therapist before she began light weight exercises for about 10 minutes per day, two to three times a week.

Victoria began using light weights 12 weeks after her delivery and did low-impact strength training based on her FIT Bodyapp workouts. There was no jumping or traditional core work. Fit Body offers a Restore Your Core program for mothers who have had a c-section.

Victoria says, “From there I gradually increased both my weight and the duration of my workouts as I felt ready.” “I didn’t have a timetable and I wasn’t in a hurry.

Victoria’s 14-month-old daughter, Victoria, was 100% dependent on Victoria for her milk due to breastfeeding difficulties. It was dangerous to try and eat less calories in an effort to lose weight as it could affect her supply. All moms know that getting your “old body back” postpartum can be just as important as your baby’s health.

Vitoria explains that she weaned Vitoria off breast milk at 14 months. It was a bittersweet moment. “It was at that time that I decided to return to my regular workout routine.

What is her greatest piece of advice for future moms?

Don’t rush. Victoria said, “I hear so many moms post-baby trying to resume their prenatal routine and intensity and end up with so many problems as a consequence,” Victoria added.

She suggests that you take things slow and not rush.

Victoria says, “Everything in this life is a season.” Take the time to enjoy these precious moments with your baby while you can, because it is fast!

What are the Best Workouts for the Body?

You’re probably wondering “How are these workouts different?” Anna Victoria said that Fit Body is simply an extension of FBG 2. Because of the similarities to FBG 2, Fit Body is considered the next level in workouts. Anna shared with us that Fit Body workouts are FBG 3 to her Fit Body app app.

Anna Victoria

They share the same goal: to make you feel strong, confident, and lose weight. They definitely did that for me. Recently, I have been thinking differently about fitness. I only do workouts that make my feel strong and confident and which actually make me excited.

The Fit Body app contains 12 different workout programs:

  • 30 Days Tone (my absolute favorite program–it’s just like Tone but it’s available on-demand so that you can follow along with Anna in real time!)
  • Shave (this is an effective and no-equipment, but still very efficient, killer workout).
  • Tone – This is a low-tech workout that you can do at home or in the gym. It is my favorite!
  • Sculpt This is a workout in the gym that uses heavy weights and machines.
  • Restore your Core (a low impact, post-partum safe-strength program)
  • Glow (another low impact, post-partum safe-strength program)
  • Endurance is a HIIT program that will improve your endurance.
  • Strong (the most difficult lifting program in this app!)
  • Move is a great yoga-inspired program that improves mobility and flexibility.
  • Rise is a yoga-inspired strength training program.
  • Lift is a program that you would do in the gym, but with a lower intensity.
  • Revive is a post-partum mom’s strength program that goes back to basics. It’s perfect to follow after you’ve finished with Restore Your Core.


Anna Victoria

1. What is your favorite time to exercise?


2. What is your favorite workout?

Chest + Shoulders.

3. What is your preferred choice for cardio?

If I have the option to run.

4. What are you watching on Netflix, HULU, or any other streaming service right now?

Dexter: A New Blood. OBSESSED.

5. What do you do when you aren’t working out?

Playing with my daughter (or my Golden Retriever (Rigatoni), brainstorming in Slack, or editing videos!

6. Favorite mantra?

You can do it, no matter what you think.

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