best turmeric supplement

Is It Safe To Take A Turmeric Supplement When Pregnant?


It is known for its spicy flavor and kingly golden hue It has long been an essential part of every curry lover’s kitchen spice cabinet. Curcumin, which is the ingredient which gives turmeric its stunning color, is also the reason for the spice’s longstanding importance in the field of herbal medicines (per the PBS).

best turmeric supplement

Over the past 2,000 years the use of turmeric has been an essential ingredient for the use of Ayurvedic medicine which is an ancient Indian healing method that incorporates herbal and nutritional supplements as the key to health (per Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry). Curcumin is able to eliminate inflammation from the body exactly like Ibuprofen, but without the harmful effects that it has on the liver. It’s also an effective antioxidant as well as antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral. It is strong against free radicals that cause cancer, and can reduce cholesterol levels and protects against stroke and also helps in improving the health of the heart.

Despite its acclaim in the field of herbal medicine, and it being the case that U.S. Food and Drug Administration has rated curcumin generally recognized as Safe, there is evidence that the use of turmeric supplements might not be suitable for women who are pregnant. Let’s have a look.

best turmeric supplement

Turmeric and the pregnancy

Although no studies have been conducted on curcumin’s effects on women who are pregnant however, a study from 2007 released in Food and Chemical Toxicology found that female rats treated with curcumin had babies with smaller birth weights. A study from 2010 released in Advances in Molecular Toxicology found that female mice who were given curcumin in high doses had lower rates of implanting, and babies born with smaller birth weights.

While pregnant women have been removed from studies with humans Research has indicated that curcumin could have an impact on our reproductive systems too. A study from 2013 released in the Iranian Journal of Reproductive Medicine found that curcumin slowed the development of endometrial cells (in the case that involve endometriosis) by decreasing estrogen levels.

best turmeric supplement

There is no evidence that suggests curcumin is harmful for pregnant women, the majority of experts are of the opinion with the advice to stay away from the medicinal dosages of curcumin or turmeric such as the dosage you’ll discover in capsules of turmeric (per Medical News Today). It’s believed that the fluctuations in estrogen levels when taking large doses of curcumin may cause bleeding and uterine contractions. This can increase the risk of loss of pregnancy and early labor. However, dried or fresh turmeric, in small doses as you would find in your favorite Indian food is likely to be safe for pregnant women.

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