sweet potato recipes

Should You Really Be Eating The Skin Of Sweet Potatoes?


Are you honest? Do you know someone who enjoys peeling the skins off sweet potatoes? It’s a tedious work, no matter the hue of the potato. If you’re not averse to shaving the skin off, or if you’re a bit unsure if it’s a good idea, here’s what you should be aware of when eating the skins of sweet potatoes.

sweet potato recipes

Sweet potatoes, for one thing, are extremely nutritious and that includes the skin. They’re packed with antioxidants and minerals, as well as fiber and vitamins. As per the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) One small baked sweet potato (114 grams) with skin has 390 calories and includes 2.29 grams of protein. It also contains 3.76 grams of fiber and 23.6 grams of carbs. Due to their high nutritional value sweet potatoes provide incredible health benefits. They aid in gut, brain and eye health and antioxidants can give the orange tubers anti-cancer properties, says Healthline. What about the skin do?

The reason is that higher concentrations of the minerals can be located greater in the skin than the flesh . Consider potassium as an example. A 100-gram sweet potato that has the skin contains 475 milligrams of potassium the skinless version has 377 milligrams (per USDA). Similar principles apply to the phosphorus content — the skin contains 54 milligrams, while eating only the flesh results in 44 milligrams.

sweet potato recipes

Peel or not peel

It’s true, the skins of sweet potatoes contain more nutrients. Skinless sweet potatoes contain 9.1 milligrams (milligrams) of Vitamin C as per the USDA. If you keep your skin intact, the amount is significantly higher, reaching 19.6 milligrams (per USDA). This is nearly twice what you get from vitamin C. The best part is the fact that this orange peel is also high in vitamin A and vitamin E as well as beta carotene and the chlorogenic acid (via Healthline). In addition, antioxidants assist in fighting free radicals and help prevent the damage that cells suffer from.

In addition to being high in vitamin A, sweet potato skin is also full of fiber. If it is true it has greater fiber content than eating sweet potato without skin (per USDA). Actually, a 2021 study looked into this idea by comparing the amount of fiber of peeled and non-peeled Malaysia the sweet potato with a purple skin. When examining the condition of the peel the experts concluded that, by getting rid of the skin, the amount of fiber decreased by 63.63 percent. A different study from 2022 revealed that the addition of 2% sugar-free sweet potato powders into cookies can boost the amount of fiber consumed by.

sweet potato recipes

It’s true that skins of sweet potatoes are more nutritious when they have the skin. Therefore, eat the skin raw and fry it to make French fries or mix it up using the flesh There’s a variety of ways to savor the skin.

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